Welcome to David Sokol Photographer. Photography started for David Sokol 40+ years ago when his grandfather showed him how to hold his Leica. Music started for David at age five when the same grandfather sat him down at the piano. The two passions merged after opening Euphoria Studios, a now-legendary New York music recording studio, in 1992.

At Euphoria, David and Euphoria's staff are fortunate in that they work with some of the world's greatest artists: Salif Keita, Mike Stern, Herbie Hancock, Suzanne Vega, Joe Jackson and many others. This relationship has led David to shoot thousands of photographs of musical personalities, besides other interesting projects.

David Sokol on His Photography
I began with candids and through the years was asked to photograph many portraits, album covers and product endorsements, such as shoots for Maverick Records, Jim Capaldi of Traffic fame and Michael Powers for Guitar World Magazine.

My approach is simple yet sophisticated. Images are captured and processed with the latest technology. The camera I use is the Canon EOD 1DS Mk.3. The camera's 21 megapixel sensor captures the deepest and most detailed photos imaginable. I use only prime lenses, not zooms. Zoom lenses have a subtle distortion which can distract the viewer. 

Our studio is quiet and comfortable; a wonderful place to work.You and your makeup person/stylist will have exclusive use of our new 10' x 14' makeup/changing room with state of the art lighting. COME DOWN AND SEE!!!!!!! (Note: David also shoots live gigs and sessions.)

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  David Sokol photograph  
  Photograph by David Sokol  
Bernard Purdy by David Sokol Chuck Rainey by David Sokol
Rhythm Section for Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, King Curtis etc. by David Sokol
Hank Jones, Master Pianist, by David Sokol
Michael Powers for Guitar World by David Sokol Fountains of Wayne by David Sokol
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